Camera: Marjon Hoogervorst
Camera assistant: Martine Dobbenga
Editor: Martine Dobbenga
Music: via Anne de Jongh

This movie gives an idea about the making off process of the MATMATIC chair designed by Anne de Jongh working under the name Jonghlabel since 2010. In her designs Anne develops modern production techniques, inspired by old crafts. For her latest project she focuses on the craft of chairs mats.
When Anne was a little girl, the Thonet chair was always in the kitchen of her grandpa. Because of its craft this chair always fascinated her: since 1859, never changed in pattern and color.
Making a good and strong mat is a time consuming process. That’s why she developed a computer application in which they can design, test, and refine a new pattern. She develops different colors of rattan also.
This whole process results in a beautiful new designed Chair and helps to spread the knowledge of its craft.
For the Dutch website for crowdfunding she asked us to make this movie to get the money for processing this design: click here to see this movie.

Anne lives with her boyfriend in a small apartment in Amsterdam, which is captured by me but still not featured yet! 


The Process of Making art prints

The original handprinted posters of Printlove are amazing! One year ago I filmed some shots about the making off "KUS JE big" print. Kim Hutjens edited this into this lovely little movie!

Camera: Marjon Hoogervorst
Editor: Kim Hutjens

Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst
Styling image 2&3: AnoukB Creative Studio




Love is all you need
You are the one who makes the magic

Styling: AnoukB
Photography & edit: Marjon Hoogervorst