PUBLICATIE . Anne's huis

In de 5e editie van FLOW Magazine: het heerlijke huis van ontwerpster Anne Olde Kalter. Ze woont samen met haar man en dochter in de achtertuin van Amsterdam. Vanuit huis runt Anne een B&B en een atelier voor handgemaakt design. Styling Femke Pastijn. (foto’s van de publicatie zelf zijn van Quinty Berendonk)



"A 1930s home near the town’s centre and a wood working studio on the countryside just a short bike ride away. Many of the pieces created in the studio make their way over to the house where they tell the story of the tree they were cut out of. And that’s what designer Wilfred Kalf wants to do with his work: tell stories through furniture."

Styling: Femke Pastijn
Text: Renske Werner
Worldwide represented by: Taverne Agency


Update: We are very happy to tell you that this feature will be published in the first issue of 2017 of the Dutch FLOW magazine